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4 05, 2023

Observability: What is it and how do we get there?

By |2023-05-19T03:20:17+00:00May 4th, 2023|L2X Masterclass|0 Comments

Observability is a commonly used buzzword in the IT industry these days. Many companies use this term to sell their products and solutions to their customers. Though this idea could be a great selling point to many IT companies who are looking to modernize their infrastructure, it would be a [...]

21 04, 2022

FREE L2X Masterclass: SR Advanced Topics SRTE and Flex-algo

By |2022-05-02T01:02:55+00:00April 21st, 2022|L2X Masterclass, Segment Routing|0 Comments

You've requested it and here it is... Segment Routing Advanced Topic Masterclass: SRTE and Flex-algo The best way to get a handle on the complex and ever-changing world of network traffic patterns is through an in-depth understanding of how it all fits together. This event will give you that level [...]

8 02, 2022

L2X Masterclass: Segment Routing Essentials

By |2022-04-21T02:02:11+00:00February 8th, 2022|L2X Masterclass, Segment Routing|0 Comments

Everything you need to know to get moving with Segment Routing and MORE! This event is brought to you by L2X Australia with Luis Cesar Conesa, a highly skilled trainer and consultant who have on average more than 20 years of experience across multiple facets of technology. DATE OF MASTERCLASS [...]

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